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Five Reasons a Holiday Loan is a Smart Move

Covering holiday expenses, the smart way

What is a holiday loan?

As the holiday season nears, we keep our eyes peeled for sales and discounts offered by all our favorite stores. We also must consider the family feasts, gatherings or any planned travel. Even though we plan and budget the best we can, sometimes we may exceed our account balances and paying off credit card debt is not something you want to worry about for January. The smartest way to approach these expenses is with financing. A Tremont Credit Union Holiday Loan, with a low-interest rate and no payments for 90 days, is designed for these types of costs to help you through this holiday season.

Funds from a Holiday Loan could be used for anything that you may need for the holiday season, including; travel, gifts, food, or entertaining your family. We always encourage members to save year-round for the holidays; however our intentions don’t always line up with reality. Having this additional buffer can help reduce the stress. Still, have questions? Here are five possible reasons to apply now.

1. Planning Ahead

If your budget tends to run low around the holiday season, you may be miscalculating your seasonal budget. A holiday loan gives you the chance to plan and keep that budget under control. Unexpected expenses always come up, but with a thorough plan you can navigate even the craziest of surprises.

2. Thankful Budget

A Holiday Loan often has a lower rate than most credit cards, and the terms allow predictable monthly payments. High rate credit cards can wreak havoc on a holiday budget. A Holiday Loan makes payments easy and manageable.

3. Spending Limits

Holiday loans help to set a spending limit. A monthly payment plan helps to create a rounded-out budget, and if the payments are too high, then you may need to reconsider your spending choices.

4. Stronger Resolve

Unexpected sales and promotions make shopping for the holidays a hassle, with a holiday loan it forces you to evaluate your finances, strengthen your resolve before shopping, and limit what you buy to only what you need. If you don’t have the funds, it’s easy to say no to added debt.

5. Less Stress

If you apply and are approved, we will put your payment plan in place. Once the funds are secured, you can follow your program, and reduce your stress. You can cover your holiday expenses and not worry about your payments for 90 days.


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