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Tremont Credit Union and MSPCA Angell Memorial Animal Shelter Unite to Facilitate Monthly Adoptions in 2023 and 2024

Financial Institution Embarks on a Year-Long Initiative to Support Animal Welfare

Milton, 2023 — Tremont Credit Union proudly announces a partnership with MSPCA Angell Memorial Animal Shelter to launch a monthly adoption program. Commencing in November and December 2023 and extending throughout the entirety of 2024, Tremont Credit Union will sponsor an adoption each month, with the aim of providing loving homes to animals in need.

This initiative reflects Tremont Credit Union's commitment to social responsibility and community welfare. By actively participating in monthly adoptions, Tremont Credit Union is not only demonstrating its dedication to building financial futures but also embracing a broader role in creating a positive impact on the lives of our four-legged friends.

"In the spirit of the holiday season and as we look ahead to the new year, Tremont Credit Union is excited to embark on this journey of compassion and care with MSPCA Angell Memorial Animal Shelter," said Stephanie Hardiman, Marketing Specialist at Tremont Credit Union. "We believe that these monthly adoptions will not only bring joy to the families who welcome a new pet into their homes but also contribute to the well-being of the animals awaiting their forever homes."

In addition to the monthly adoption program, Tremont Credit Union will conduct donation drives with the advisement of the MSPCA throughout the year to collect essential supplies for the animals and the shelter. These drives will include items such as blankets, toys, nutritious food, and grooming supplies.

Tremont Credit Union encourages its members, staff, and the community to actively participate in these initiatives, making a collective impact on the welfare of animals in our community.

Stay tuned for updates on specific events and opportunities to get involved in these heartwarming initiatives.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Stephanie Hardiman

Marketing Specialist

Tremont Credit Union

[email protected]