Jan 25-29th is Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week!

Stay safe this tax season by knowing the facts about tax identity theft! Fraudsters can use the social security numbers of unsuspecting victims to receive false tax refunds.

To keep our members safe from fraud this tax season, we’ve compiled some tips and information to keep in mind when filing your taxes this year:

  • Free tax fraud informational webinars this week:
  • Know the warning signs: If you get a notice from the IRS stating that you were paid by an employer you don’t know, or that more than one tax return was filed under your Social Security Number, visit this page: immediately to report the theft and get a recovery plan.
  • The IRS will never contact you through an email, text message, or social media. If you get contacted any of these ways by someone claiming to be the IRS, DO NOT reply or click on any links. Instead, forward the message to

Staying safe this tax season is easier with a plan! Keep your personal information secure and stay informed and alert for any suspicious activity with your records. Click here for more information on Tax ID Theft.

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