Traveling? Let us know!

For your security, Tremont Credit Union monitors all activity on your credit or debit card, and is alerted if something seems suspicious or fraudulent. If we see activity in an unfamiliar location without being notified of your travel plans, we may put a temporary block on your credit or debit card to protect you from fraud. Before your trip, be sure to let Tremont CU know the following information:

  • The dates you plan to travel
  • Where you’ll be traveling
  • The best way to contact you while you’re traveling

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Please be aware, you may receive a phone call to verify purchases while traveling. Learn more about what you can expect. 

Learn about card skimming and other potential security threats while traveling:

Visit TCU’s Privacy and Security page

Learn more about protecting your debit card:

Card Services

Blog: 5 Money Moves to Make Before Traveling Abroad

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