Tremont CU Supports Local Schools and Educators through Various Efforts

Pictured Left to Right: Evelyn D. Lee, Boston Renaissance Charter School Choir Director, Kitsi Hubbard, Tremont CU Marking & Business Development Specialist, Tammy Texeria, Boston Renaissance Charter School Payroll & Benefit Coordinator

Tremont Credit Union believes that one of its key responsibilities is giving back to its community. Founded under the name of “Boston Teachers Federal Credit Union”, it is apparent that TCU believes strongly in supporting its Select Employer Groups that are involved in educating Boston’s youth.

Since the start of 2017, TCU has shown its support through several sponsorships to Boston’s schools and associations involved in education.

Earlier this year, representatives of Tremont Credit Union attended the Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association‘s Spring Conference and contributed to the Association.

Tremont CU was also a proud contributor in funding Boston Renaissance Charter Public School choir’s trip to Disneyland this May. This chorus of 150 students has performed at several notable locations and theaters in Greater Boston and frequently travels to other cities to perform. In 2011 and 2012, the choir performed at the White House holiday celebration.

TCU is also proud to have contributed towards home visits and the music program run by the Lee Academy Pilot School, which is a fully inclusive autonomous school based in Dorchester, MA. The Lee Academy believes in supporting its students’ social and emotional development, while guiding them to strive for academic excellence.

Looking forward, TCU will be a sponsor for the 6th annual gold tournament held by The Mary Lyon Pilot High School this June. Founded in 1992, the Mary Lyon has been the Boston Public School’s only fully inclusive school for students with social and emotional disabilities. The golf tournament will help raise support for several programs, such as field trips, prom, and various sports programs.

Tremont Credit Union has had a long-standing partnership from its very foundation with the Boston Teachers Union. TCU will be contributing towards and celebrating the work and retirement of BTU staff Richard Stutman (President), Patrick Connolly (Vice President), Charles Johnson (Secretary-Treasurer) and Josefina Lascano (Paraprofessional & Substitute Teacher Field Rep).

To continue showing its support for Boston’s Teachers on a granular level, TCU is hosting its first-ever Boston Public Schools Teacher Appreciation Program, where it will sponsor the classrooms of 3 Boston Public School teachers in the upcoming academic year. This is one small way TCU can show its appreciation for all that our teachers do.

Tremont Credit Union would like to thank the management and its members at these schools and programs for providing us with an opportunity to give back and contribute to meaningful and positive programs like these.


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