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The 2017 Winners:

Koriana Bradford – Chittick Elementary School

1st prize: $1,500 towards school supplies

Alexandria Porter – Mason Pilot School

2nd prize: $500 towards school supplies

Mary Beth Wilder – Kenny School

3rd prize: $250 towards school supplies


Please click below for bios of each winner:

Koriana Bradford

Chittick Elementary School

Ms. Bradford is a proud teacher of a thriving music program offered to all students at the Chittick Elementary School in Boston, which serves students in K-5 including autistic and special needs learners.

Ms. Bradford believes music moves us all and has the proven unique ability to teach many other aspects of learning: math, English language arts, science, history, foreign languages and even self-awareness. Bradford’s classroom musical explorations have included singing songs of hope, songwriting and analyzing, playing various instruments, dancing for joy, and learning the history behind songs that have shaped our world for the better! Simultaneously, they learn the mechanics of music theory and notation. More importantly, music brings about contagious JOY and breaks down communication barriers.

Ms. Bradford feels extremely blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to use music to help her students succeed and reach their destinies. She is committed to keeping the beat of the rhythm of life going strong!

Alexandria Porter 

Mason Pilot School

Alexandria Porter is an exceptional inclusion teacher. She currently teaches fifth grade at the Samuel W. Mason Elementary School in Roxbury, Ma. Her passion for teaching and learning is evident in her dedication to her students. Besides the obvious academics, she teaches important life skills including public speaking and community awareness. She goes out of her way to ensure all students feel safe, welcome and successful. She is a fierce advocate for her students and their families. Mrs. Porter initiated a homework club and after school tutoring program for students, and supported families through the process of choosing middle schools. She is always looking for ways to challenge her students, by finding interesting projects for them to do. She has a positive attitude about teaching and learning and is constantly using her creativity to make learning fun. Her students love her, and she genuinely loves and cares for them.

Mary Beth Wilder

Kenny School

Mary Beth is a caring, compassionate grade 1 teacher. She has a background in special education and is currently in a general education classroom. She arrives early to school and stays late. Sometimes really late. She uses all her previous training and experience to provide interventions for students in her class who have a variety of needs, including social, emotional, behavioral, and academic. Many of her students are dealing with traumatic situations and Ms. Wilder is unwavering in her support and advocacy for these children. Her class can be challenging, yet she provides individualized attention to each child. Her students know they will be heard and loved by her, no matter what they may be dealing with. She makes learning a fun, positive experience. She meets her students where they are and brings them to the next highest levels. Her lessons include hands-on experiences and use of technology to support a variety of learning styles. She is able to reach and motivate her students, pushing them to succeed. She is a demanding teacher when it comes to academics, yet her caring, nurturing manner is inspiring. I feel that she is very deserving of recognition for these reasons. I hope she is considered for a TCU-sponsorship award.



Thanks to all participants!

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