Will you be prepared for your retirement? Whether it seems years away or right around the corner you can start planning today with Tremont Credit Union’s Individual Retirement Accounts.

At Tremont Credit Union, we also offer IRA certificates at our competitive certificate rates with a $500.00 minimum balance.

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account. An IRA is owned by an individual and can only be established in the name of the owner. IRAs were introduced in 1975 as a means to promote tax-deferred savings and to provide a supplement to Social Security for retirement.

Tremont Credit Union offers both Variable Account IRAs and IRA Certificates, which fix an interest rate for terms ranging from three months to 60 months. Three types of IRA’s are now available at Tremont Credit Union:

  • The Traditional IRA
  • The Roth IRA
  • The Education IRA

Stop by your local Tremont Credit Union branch or call our highly skilled Call Center at 800-370-1939 for more information. Click here for more detailed information about Tremont Credit Union’s IRA options. As always, consult with your tax advisor for the best plans to fit your individual retirement needs.




What Savings Account is Right for You?

Do you know the difference between different types of savings vehicles, such as money market accounts, and CDs? Get tips and strategies for choosing one that right for you at Tremont Credit Union’s Online Financial Learning Center.

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