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“I have been a member since 1972. This place is always so helpful, friendly and trusted. When my daughter started teaching, I told her she MUST join the credit union!”

–Donna O., Member for 45 years 

Does your organization currently offer the benefit of Credit Union membership? If not, Tremont Credit Union may be an attractive NO COST addition to your employee benefits package.

Founded in 1952, Tremont Credit Union proudly serves as the Credit Union of choice for hundreds of leading businesses and organizations throughout Massachusetts. 

Our Select Employee Groups

A Tremont Credit Union Select Employee Group (SEG) is a company or organization that offers the services and benefits of Tremont Credit Union to its employees and their family members. Most businesses find offering Tremont Credit Union membership an attractive employee benefit because it costs nothing to provide this service.

View a list of our current Select Employee Groups.

Becoming a SEG is Easy

All it takes to enroll your organization is a letter requesting service. Once the letter is received an orientation will be scheduled for employees to educate them on how they can enjoy the wide variety of products and services. Tremont Credit Union works diligently with the Payroll Department, Human Resources Department and Benefits Directors to provide exceptional service and promote the Credit Union to the staff. 

Tremont Credit Union would welcome the opportunity to serve your organization and its employees. If you would like additional information on this no cost benefit, please contact Tremont Credit Union’s Marketing & Business Development Team at [email protected] or give us a call. 

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