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Thank you to everyone who voted for the 6th Annual Tremont Credit Union Teacher Appreciation Scholarship. We will announce the winners shortly.

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Aldia Cloe

Channing Elementary


I teach fifth grade at Channing Elementary, and this will be my third year in Boston Public Schools and fifth year teaching. I love my students and the best part about being a teacher is when one of my students understands a concept. Their faces light up, they get so happy and it is so rewarding seeing my students enjoy and take interest in my lessons.

Adelina Costa-Shea

Patrick J Kennedy School


I am an elementary education professional with 30 years of teaching experience in the Boston Public School system. During my tenure, I have taught at both the third grade level for sixteen years and second grade level for fourteen years respectively. Much of my work has relied on my ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with families in an effort to support the educational goals of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt student body.

One of my greatest career highlights is hearing from student's whose family members I had as students, and more recently former students who now have children of their own in her class. It brings me immense joy to learn of certain classroom routines or events that still hold significance in the life of a former student. I will encounter former students in the community as they are in the midst of their careers, and they take pride in sharing photos of their families and great success they have achieve personally and professionally since leaving my classroom. 


Nicole Coleman

Tobin K-8


My name is Nicole Coleman, and I have been a teacher for twenty-five years. I enjoy working with all children; however, I prefer teaching children who are learning English as a second language. I lived in the Middle East for seven years and taught English in an Arabic elementary school. This experience allowed me to further connect with my students and understand the daily struggles some encounter with language acquisition in the learning environment. I feel that the experiences of living and teaching abroad have equipped me with the tools needed to help my students succeed. It has been rewarding being a classroom teacher. 

Pasquale Scialoia

Russell School


I am entering my 29th year in Boston Public Schools and have taught all those years at the Russell School. I pride myself on creating lifelong relationships with my students and their families through my profession. You can find me in room 217 talking about content specific language or making multiple towers with my students. I am the proud owner of two bulldogs that love visiting room 217.

Thomas Boyd-Foster

West Zone Early Center


My name is Thomas Boyd-Foster. I am originally from North Carolina, and I spent most of my life in the south.  I graduated from Virginia Union University with a bachelor’s degree of Science in Community Based Education. I moved to Boston in 2015 and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2017 with a master’s degree in early childhood education. I started teaching with the Boston Public Schools in 2015. It is my belief that every child has the desire and the ability to learn. As an educator, it is my job to meet the needs of every student in my classroom. I sometimes must dip into my savings to make it happen, but it is worth it to see my students grow and see them enjoying themselves. I also committed to making sure my students get equitable literacy instruction. I am committed to creating a culturally inclusive classroom where all students feel they are represented. I purchase a lot of books on my own to make this a success in my classroom. I have observed that when students feel seen in the classroom there is a greater chance of academic success. I am a fun energetic teacher and I love my students.


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